by Jeri Silverman

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released May 9, 2014

These songs were written and arranged by Jeri Silverman. Jeri sang and played acoustic guitar. Adam Christgau played drums. Dan Romer played bass. Billy Libby arranged Anywhere But Here. This EP and all additional instrumentation was played, produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Saul Simon MacWilliams at The Lovely Light in Los Angeles, CA. Songs mastered by Alex DeTurk.



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Jeri Silverman New York

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Track Name: Anywhere but here
The grocery list
Hangs below my ears
Apples and oranges weigh me down
Like trapped pigeons wanting to fly

I hear them screaming
Clawing to get out of my mind
If it's not safe in here
It’s where I disappear

I try to shake the present emptiness of being anywhere but here
It’s where I get churned out and remodeled as a worser part of me
It’s where I disappear

Chewing lips and pulling hair
I make lists in my head
Get me through the day just so you won’t see
That’s where you’ll find me safely tucked away behind
The twisted folds of space
Before I leave this place

I try to shake the present emptiness of being anywhere but here
It's where...

I’m not gonna stop the words falling out of my mouth
It’s a verse I have yet to rehearse
Track Name: G + A
I'm sitting here waiting for the wine
and the why’s of what’s to come
and all I need’s a fighting chance
and a righting flame to end this game
and a stake in which to put my name
and a way to end this field of shame

Waiting at the stage
battlefield set for the sorry
and all I need’s no limit to worry
for night to be day and for day to be dark
and it’s clear that someday somehow this’ll be gone
and all we need is a gun and an apocalypse

Somewhere somewhere we are waiting
For the sun to burn
For it to be our turn
Somehow somehow all that we need
Is a gun and an apocalypse

Been ready to fight all this life
To bear it all with the fist and fear
And the know-how to steer
And a hope that heaven is holding on near
And no needs to be enlisted tonight
Cos its worth the fight

Track Name: The Fever
There’s nothing like the fever
That stalking softly creeping
Climbing with fervor to feed the need

There’s nothing like distraction
That deepens the darkness of the greed
and leads to the choking
and expertly extinguishing of a life-dream
Left, lost and wilted to the floor

Ho hum so it goes
Me go my way
You go why
When all ways lead
Would you leave

Ho hum so it goes
You’re just another disbeliever
Caught up in the fever

More and more and so it goes...

There’s nothing like the expert
Expecting perfection but secretly gnaws inside
Cheeks, scrapes at heart

Empty and craving for the fill
That saps strength leaving tastebuds
Hollow-hope unfilled
Tongue untrusting and deflated
and aching for more

Ho hum...

How is the tried untrusted
the whispers left to the leaves

And how sacred is the flight
The Feeling of full morning mist
Fear spread like butter
Over mountain tree-tops
Like whispers on the leaves
Track Name: Rabbit
Running around
Smile on your face
Hopping about
All over the place

When not what it seems hooks into our dreams
We can sleep with the light on
We can sleep with the light on

Doo doo
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you little bunny

Everyone’s holding their breath
Everybody’s wanting more than they can chew
Without getting a little burn in your chest
but it’s all good cos

When that which we meant is left unsaid well
We can sleep with the light on
We can sleep with the light on

Doo doo...
Track Name: Leaflike
Into my life
Leaflike you fell
Tease like a summer breeze that lingers
Long after the leaves have left the trees to find the ground
As it falls from my feet

Toes spread while standing on the ceiling
Looking up, up, up
All good things must end

and the cloud that drew your face to mine
and before we knew it was time
and now we know
now we know
we exist

Destined to dissolve
Mind-seed of a doubt
Shadowing cloud-like above
Following the light that is let in by the love
and breathed out my window

candle light brings in the night
to go our separate ways

And the cloud...

Now we know we exist we can see everything else